Mobility Monday | Ep 3 | Thoracic Extension Mobilisation

Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 17:10
Today's episode will be covering one of my favourite mobilisation drills for the upper back/thoracic region on the spine.


1. A good analogy of the spine is to think of it like a tree; at the base of the tree (Coccyx, Sacrum & Lumber spine) there’s little movement which is it’s stable foundation. But, further up the tree (Thoracic & Cervical spine) mobility increases to allow the trunk to move freely.

2. Shoulder mobility starts with the spine so if you’re lacking thoracic extension, forget about doing overhead work safely.

3. Thoracic spine, Scapular and Glenohumeral joint (shoulder) have an incredible synergistic relationship so adequate thoracic mobility must be maintained if want healthy shoulders.

1. Use a back ball, two tennis balls tapped together or a thin foam roller and start just below the inferior angle of the scapular. After a set of 5-8 repetitions slowly move the object towards the head an inch and repeat for 2-4 sets

2. Focus on wrapping your shoulders back while keeping your ribs down and make sure not to compensate with Lumber extension.

3. Complete each repetition through the tempo of your breathing. So as you exhale extend back over the object and flex forwards as you inhale.


I hope you have enjoyed the episode and stay tuned for next week!


Dylan Jones