How it is YOU that is limiting your success.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 08:56
If you’re looking for certain ways to hold yourself back from progressing, try doing this:

  • Dismiss your progress

  • Whinge

  • Complain

  • Give excuses / stories / false justifications

This article might be a bit clichéd for some of you. However, I want every reader to ask themselves “Am I prone to these behaviours? How are they in any way contributing to success?”.

Dismissing your progress

 Over the last week we have had testing and competitions for lots of members to get a measure of their fitness and progression. The results have been OUTSTANDING! However, here are some peculiar things I’ve heard:

  • I only PB’d “Isabel” by a measly 7 seconds

  • I only added 2.5kg to my Push Press 3RM, that sucks

  • I didn’t do well. I got further in the Death by 2km but I didn’t finish it

A personal best is a PERSONAL BEST! Every kg, second, round or rep matters. It is hard evidence that you are getting BETTER!

What if you didn’t get a PB? The first thing to address is the context:

  • Did you train enough?

  • Are you sleeping right?

  • How’s your nutrition?


There are many factors that should be taken into consideration to give your results perspective. Adjust your perception and realise that sometimes you should be celebrating the EFFORT you put in, not just the result.

Whinging and Complaining

When you approach a task negatively, like whinging and complaining about how hard, stressful or difficult it is, you are cutting yourself off mentally and severely limiting your ability to focus before you have even begun the task at hand. How are you able to do something 100% if you have already used your mental and physical energy on doubt? When a challenge arises, take the task for exactly what it is, an opportunity that can challenge you to be better.

Making Excuses.


Excuses, excuses, excuses. The more you use them, the more you hinder yourself from being your full potential. The saying goes, everything happens for a reason, this is because life is a process, and your success in whatever you approach goes hand in hand with your ability to confront whatever comes your way with a positive mentality, the road to success doesn’t have room for negative energy or complaining.

The next time you find yourself stepping into the slippery slope of excuses, take a moment to take a step back and analyse your approach; is your energy positive or negative? If it’s negative, take the opportunity to turn it around and use it to power you to your full potential.


Coach Leigh