The Key Ingredient Missing - Accountability

Monday, June 22, 2015 - 02:08
We place expectations on everyone at GW Performance regardless of fitness level, experience or goal. The training conducted during a class is simply one part of the puzzle. If you find yourself stuck in a plateau or not achieving the progress you desire have you considered looking at the whole picture?


I am going to let you in on a secret – there is no specific rep scheme, wonder program, nor a magical supplement that replaces accountability. The following questions are posed to me often – the regularity is almost as amusing as the idea behind them:

  • Should I take (enter easily marketable supplement here)?” when the person trains 3 times a week…sometimes.

  • “Should I buy (enter easily marketable shoes/apparel/accessories here)?” when they haven’t met basic movement competency

  • “Should I do (enter popular training program seen on social media here)?” says the cherry-picking athlete who has yet to prove any consistency in their approach to training.


I realise that not everyone is a strength and conditioning coach but somewhere along the line the general population have lost objective observation and logic! Before you go spending $100 a month on the next wonder supplement why don’t you try being an accountable athlete? If you don’t do the following then don’t be surprised about the lack of progress in your training:


  • Schedule your training ahead of time. If getting to the gym is a last minute decision then clearly your fitness goals are a low priority (if they are a priority at all).

  • Planned and consistent nutrition. Eat for your objective every day

  • Sleep 8-9 hours a night

  • Prioritise training over whatever else is getting the damn way (otherwise you’re not really serious about your goal)

  • Arrive early – get to the gym and do preparation practices EVERY TIME. SMR (roll, trigger and self massage), general & specific mobility, pre/rehabilitation and structural exercises to eliminate weakness…do you even prep?

  • Cool down and recovery work – aerobic cool down drills, massage, contrast therapy, the list is long.

  • Track your training. Record it in a journal or your gym’s tracking software (if they are kind enough to provide it).

  • Be consistent and committed in all these areas.


If this all sounds too difficult then don’t go crying when you don’t reach your goal. There is no such thing as a free lunch – you have to put in work to get to where you want to go and often the road to get there is long and hard. If you are serious about a training objective then be accountable. Destiny favours the prepared.