Holiday Periods and Mindset

Friday, January 10, 2020 - 14:45
How strong is your mental capacity? Do you have the will power to push yourself through a long and gruelling workout, whilst ignoring the pain? Or do you have the confidence to put yourself through pain, after taking some time off and not being afraid that it’s going to hurt?

Everyone needs time off once in a while, what you need to remember is that years of commitment and dedication will not just disappear in the space of two weeks. If you know what you are capable of, then there should be no issue coming close too, or if not right back to what you had.

A big question that stands out is…should you have a drink with your friends every now and then??

My answer is, yes. We all know that alcohol affects your body, and with being a high performance athlete, the last thing you want is setbacks. A drink occasionally is not going to affect your performance to a high degree. In the end it will come down to how strong you’re mental game is. A lot of athletes these days do get caught up in the moment and focus too considerably on training, not allowing themselves a drink. Various top athletes enjoy having a drink now and then, and they still continue to perform just as well. Life is too short to stress over the little things. I’m not saying you should go out every weekend and drink excessively. Everyone needs to have fun once in a while and especially with the holiday period over Christmas when you are with your closest friends and family. Allow yourself to have a bit of a fun and celebration. The mind is powerful and if you know you are good enough then you will be good enough.

Staying positive and training hard over the holiday period can be tough for some people. A lot of people have the fear of losing what they gain because they are out of routine or have a limitation to equipment. What you need to remember is as long as you are staying active; you are doing the right thing for your body. Keep a strong mind and stay positive then once you come back into the full swing of training again it will come back to you and you will be back on the road to getting fitter, faster, stronger.

Have you heard of diminished returns??

Diminished returns can play a big role towards mentality and your positivity to your training. Research suggests that the rate of fitness improvement diminishes over time if you stick to the same routine for a long period of time. This is why being constantly varied is not only good for the body but for the mind too. If you as an athlete don’t see any improvement, your mentality drops off and you lose motivation to keep on chasing your goals. Therefore changing it up a bit is good for you’re mentality. Go for a trail run or a long bike ride along the beach, as long as you keep your mind active and change things up you will constantly see improvement. Which is why having a holiday every now and then will limitation on your equipment could be good for you. It will force you to change up your changing.

Why did you start training in the first place and what are your goals with regards to training?

Goals are very important when it comes to your mentality.  Goals allow you to drive forward pushing you to achievement. Everyone has days they don’t feel like training, and you begin to drop off because training begins to feel like a chore and you lose the enjoyment. The thing is, you should never look at it that way. You should see your training as a lifestyle and you will have a lot more fun when training. There may be days where your body is saying yes but your mind is saying no and it’s hurting a lot more than usual. You just need to remind yourself why you do what you do and why you started in the first place.

If you have gone away for a long period of time, remember to ease yourself back into training and within a week or two you will back to normal, if not even stronger due to having such good recovery. A lot of people under estimate recovery and how important it is for human growth and development. Some people think that the more you do the better you become but in some cases it isn’t the case. You need to be smart and know when to ease off otherwise you can over train, which can cause problems like lack of sleep, injuries and weakness in the body. Once this begins to happen your mentality will follow and you will start to lose your mojo. So the major key points to take away from this is to remember more isn’t always better, a holiday every now and then is a good form of recovery. When you return to you’re training after your holiday make it imperative to train smart, not hard.