4 Tips on how to Build on the Open

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 21:05

Another year of the Crossfit Open has been and gone! The Open is the perfect time to test where you’re at, try new things and evaluate your training from the previous year. With the changes in the 2019 Crossfit Games there is another chance to have a go at the open in October! While this is exciting it also means there isn’t a lot of time to work on those weaknesses. This could be your first pull up, muscle up or a certain weight or movement that you want to conquer in the next few months.

In this article we are going to look at how you can maximise your performance and how looking back on the open can help you with your training this year:




Just like in all areas of our life we can learn from our mistakes. We reflect and take notes on our previous experiences to guide us in our decision making and actions. This should be just the same for the Open or any Crossfit workout! It is important to look back and recognise the little wins, what you did well, what you didn’t do well and how you could improve next time.

Often I find people forget about the little wins! They look at other people’s performances or they believe they should have done more. It’s important to take a step back and properly reflect on your performance. For some this could be remembering that last year you couldn’t do double-unders or for others it could be the first time you’ve done 50 pull ups in a workout! Take these little wins alongside the areas you can improve and allow them to guide you moving forward.




This one is very simple but not always easy to do! The open can take a big toll on the both the mind and the body. Often there is an extra level of intensity to each workout and you push further than before with the support of the community. Therefor it’s important to schedule some rest time or deload after the 5 weeks are over. Not only will this allow you reduce the load on the body, but it will also give you more time to reflect, set goals and come back motivated for the next phase of training.

 Remember this doesn’t mean you have to stop training! It just means taking your foot of the gas pedal every now and again! If you need to take a rest day you can still go for a walk, swim or try out something different such as yoga, pilates etc. Trust me your body will thank you for it! So if you want to come back to training stronger and more prepared then give yourself the rest and recovery you deserve.




If you want to build a certain skill, then it’s going to require practice and time. Imagine an AFL player. How many hours do you think they’ve spent kicking a ball? Thousands? And obviously this still doesn’t guarantee perfection. Now apply this to other skills such as gymnastics and weightlifting. These are complex skills and dedicating time to practice is going to allow you to develop at a faster rate.

Given the random nature of Crossfit there may be time where you might not work on a specific skill for 2 weeks or so. This is where it is important to make time either before or after class or in open gym. If you want to take it to the next level, then you can sit down and chat with a coach or even spend some time working on a specific program upstairs.




Consistency. This is the last piece of the puzzle and it is the easiest way to reach your goals. You can do the most amazing training program however if you’re not consistent enough then you won’t maximise your potential. We all know at times life and work can get in the way however it’s important to make time for yourself so you can stay consistent with your training.

Building good habits in regard to practice, recovery and reflection can be essential to your training. Add that on top of a balanced training program and you will see the benefits in the long run. Hopefully just in time for the next open!


So, there’s 4 easy tips for you to build on your open experience and prepare for the next one later in the year. Reflect, rest and recover, practice and stay consistent. Remember if you need any more assistance and guidance then reach out to your coach!