Mobility Monday | Episode 1 | Squat

Sunday, December 4, 2016 - 17:06
Welcome to the first episode of Mobility Monday!

Squatting with correct form requires a many aspects of the body to be working together.  Today’s episode focuses on a drill called ‘Squat-to-stand-with-reach’. This drill addresses many limitations of the squat pattern in an integrated approach through improving ankle, hip and thoracic mobility and knee, lumber and shoulder stability. For those who are hypomobile this drill is essential and it can easily be used as an ‘active rest’ between working sets.

You may ask yourself “Dylan, who did you steal this off?” I first started using this drill in 2011 thanks to Tony Gentilcore and it has stayed as part of my warm up repertoire since!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the episode and stay tuned for next week.





Coach Dylan