CrossFit: The Why’s and What's of Testing Week

Friday, October 21, 2016 - 14:37
Next week we will throw a mixture of tests your way. In order to measure your fitness and progression we need to take measurements and there is a plethora of combinations and ways to do so.

A good test will ensure the data is observable (you can take an actually measurement), measurable (it’s something that can be measured) and repeatable (it can repeated at a later date).

We will be programming what should be considered tests of general fitness as well as some elements of CrossFit specific tests. Some of these tests will be important to markers to you as a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, and a passionate CrossFitter, while others provide more important data to the coaching team.

This coming week we will test the following:

  • Absolute Strength: This can be defined as the maximum amount you can lift for 1-5 reps. For the upcoming phase we will be focussed on the Front Squat (different tempo to last phase) and Push Press

  • Speed Strength: The difference between Absolute and Speed Strength is explosiveness and follow through required in the Olympic lifts. For the upcoming phase we will be focussed on the Clean and Jerk

  • Relative Strength Endurance: This is measuring the force that someone can exert in relation to body size or weight. We feel that developing the strict pull up is one the best measures of relative strength. It has carry over to many other movements and is critical to the avid CrossFitter who is interested in the Performance programming.

  • Strength/Power Endurance: This is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert force to overcome a resistance many times. Think classic CrossFit work capacity – high intensity for a relatively short amount of time. For the upcoming phase we will test, train and re-test the benchmark workout Isabel!

  • Lactic Endurance: This is your ability of your lactic system to produce power over extended periods. Basically how long can you work in/around your anaerobic threshold, we will test this with GW’s own benchmark WOD “Death by 2km”




  • Front Squat

  • Isabel


  • Push Press

  • Pull Ups

  • Death by 2km


  • Clean and Jerk



What is the point of the Testing?

Testing has several advantages for each of you as athletes:
(1) This is a change to nail down some benchmarks that assess your present level of fitness, and allow you to re-assess these benchmarks at the end of the training block.
(2) You can see where you areas of strength and weakness lie, and make any adjustments to your training as needed. Seek out your coach to help you attack weaknesses!

For the coaches:
(1) It gives us clarity as to where athletes are at in specific elements of fitness
(2) We can access whether the programming is effective and what the focus of the upcoming cycles should be.
(3) Provides opportunity to better help YOU to achieve results!

How often will we do Testing?

Depends on the training block. The re-test for this block will be the week beginning Monday 28/11/2016

So I don't get to do normal CrossFit?

Let’s no get crazy. The variety and broad development will always be a part of your training. We concurrently develop many areas of fitness, however with testing and focus we can specifically improve key elements to ensure optimal progression!

What if I can’t make it everyday for Testing?

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if you do not do every single test we have lined up. You can always catch-up any missed sessions by speaking with your coach and organising a time in either Open Gym or privately!

What now?

Make a commitment to coming into the gym this week to set a baseline and then train consistently as we head towards Summer so you can achieve amazing results!!!